This Week with The Sonnet Man

This last week, The Sonnet Man was in Los Angeles.  Devon was working on some projects and doing some networking, as well as research for additional opportunities.

After spending almost two months abroad, The Sonnet Man is taking some time to catch up, re-connect, and set the remainder of his summer, fall and spring schedule.

Next week, The Sonnet Man is will be back in New York City. On Monday, June 27, The Sonnet Man is booked for a summer camp show at Camp W in Melville, NY. He’ll be introducing campers to Shakespeare through a medium they know and love – Hip Hop!  Campers will get an introduction to Shakespeare, Sonnets, Beats, Iambic Pentameter, Rhyme, and they’ll get to attempt rapping.

Looking ahead to July, The Sonnet Man will be doing some more networking, traveling to Canada, and he has a few personal events in the mix too.  He’s also developing a rap science curriculum, and working on his second album.

Stay tuned for more details about what’s happening with The Sonnet Man this summer!

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