The Sonnet Man’s Sonnet 130

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sonet manCheck out the Sonnet Man’s comical new video for Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130, starring the beautiful and talented Jillian Floyd.   This beautiful ode to the “imperfect” perfect woman, was directed by filmmaker, Deborah Voorhees of Voorhees Films. The audio was produced the man, Daniel Lynas and features songtress Melissa Kerry Guttman.

Released just in time for Valentine’s Day, My Mistress, Sonnet 130, features The Sonnet Man, rapping Shakespeare’s original words, and then breaking it down in his own words in today’s modern language. This rap/jazz-influenced piece is a humorous look at The Bard’s Mistress.

Shakespeare’s original Sonnet, even in his time, gave a realistic lens in which to view love poems, and more importantly women. Most writings of his time depicted an idealized and idolized woman, comparing her perfection with extraordinary and somewhat ridiculous metaphors, that had already become cliché (indeed, as they still are today).

Shakespeare’s Sonnet 130 subverted and reversed those traditional conventions and actually mocked them. Shakespeare insisted that love does not need those idealized and perfect conceits to be real. Women don’t need to have eyes like the sun or look like flowers to be beautiful.

What can be most appreciated about The Sonnet Man’s take on Sonnet 130 is how he brings this love poem up to modern-day speed, and on the same level as today’s greatest hip hop love songs. Rather than idealizing and degrading women, The Sonnet Man writes and raps a real ode to a woman just being herself, and the way she completes him. He can’t be himself without her. It’s not just about her physical appearance, but about her personality that completes his mindset. It’s her flaws that make her perfect, every quirky and clumsy imperfection.

The Sonnet Man travels the world rapping Shakespeare’s sonnets and teaching his work to children (and adults!) of all ages. The Sonnet Man CD is available on I-Tunes, Amazon, and by visiting More information about Sonnet 130 is also available at


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