The Sonnet Man’s Hamlet Video

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Untitled“To Be, or Not to Be?” In Hamlet’s third soliloquy, Shakespeare contemplates the thought-provoking struggle with an age old question. As it was written centuries ago, it is a wonderful piece of poetry, but so hard for youth (and even adults!) in our modern culture to read and even more importantly, to interpret and apply to their lives. That’s where The Sonnet Man makes sense of Shakespeare.

Watch the Hamlet Video on YouTube. The Sonnet Man raps the sonnet in Old English style, and then goes back and raps it again, but in modern English. Through Hip Hop, The Sonnet Man breaks down the poetry perfectly and translates it, making it understandable, comprehendible, and even more so: relatable and moving.

The Hamlet video, by filmmaker Deborah Voorhees, was chosen as an official selection in the 2015 Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Shakespeare Film Festival and was viewed along with 15 other choice films during festival’s Short Film Competition. The 3rd year of the competition, Filming Shakespeare, was a global celebration of Shakespeare in film. Submissions were welcomed from around the world, accepted in any language, by film-makers of all ages and abilities. Filming Shakespeare was also supported by Misfit, Inc.

Once you’ve seen on video the way in which The Sonnet Man brilliantly creates Shakespeare Sonnets into modern-day songs, you’ll want to see him in person. The Sonnet Man is available for workshops, residencies, performances, events, and K-12 school assemblies. For more information email: or visit

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