The Sonnet Man in Vancouver, BC

Did you know the Sonnet Man also teaches Math?  Devon Glover, The Sonnet Man, has a professional degree as a Math Teacher, in addition to his many accolades and work as a writer and artist. He also works by tutoring children via Skype in between gigs and tours for The Sonnet Man.  Iambic Pentameter – need we say more?

This Saturday, July 9 through Sunday, July 17, The Sonnet Man will be in Vancouver, BC for his first trip.  He will be spending time with his students, and perhaps teaching some writing workshops.  While in BC, The Sonnet Man will also be networking and planning for future workshops and other projects. He’ll also be working on developing an online course and a couple of new school shows.

To book The Sonnet Man for your organization or event while he’s in BC, or for another opportunity anywhere in the world, contact, or call 347-331-3813.

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