Summer Theatre Workshops with The Sonnet Man

Summer Theatre Camps!  Engage and inspire your young thespians at a Hip Hop Shakespeare Workshop with the Sonnet Man!

The Sonnet Man is available this summer, nationwide, and can add a dynamic element to your theatre camp.  For grades K-12, here is a sample of what happens in an interactive workshop:

  1. Introduction: The Sonnet Man’s Story and Devon Glover’s educational background and influences
  2. What is a Sonnet? Who is Shakespeare? How did Shakespeare write in rhythm?
  3. Examples with Sonnet 18 and Sonnet 130
  4. Sonnet 18 – What was the Sonnet about? Examples of metaphors, differences between metaphors and similes.
  5. Sonnet 130 – What was the Sonnet about? What does verse 3 represent?  Examples of alliteration.
  6. Exercise/Performance: 15 minute writing session, write an original poem containing elements of Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Conclude with a performance and feedback from peers.

Additional workshop formats are available and different topics can be covered.  To schedule a HIp Hop Shakespeare Workshop with the Sonnet Man for your Summer Theatre Camp, call 800-883-9883 or email

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